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The Man in the Mirror is my Definition of American Culture.

I define Culture as Behavioral Practices of people who live in particular societies. Being from Trinbago and living in America for the past 30 years I have observed what I termed as the Culture of Acquisition being practiced by American Societies. I am not a scholar or professional in any particular field and have developed my ideals through observation and thus have formulated my thoughts into this book which I am sure the professionals would challenge. What I would say to anyone who thinks my contention is wrong is to look at The Man in the Mirror!

Silicon Valley is the True Story of One Man's Struggle In his Quest For The American Dream.

Coming to America - An Immigrant's Tale.
As an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, I have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to have preconceived ideals of life in America only to move here and discover different realities of what the reality of life in America is all about! This non-fiction book is based on these realities of my experiences in coming to America and deals with the path I have traveled in my quest to suceed and get chances to achieve my version of what I considered as the American Dream!

This Memoir is Based on my Personal Experiences!
With more than 30 years' experience of living in America as an immigrant from Trinidad, my personal experiences have allowed me the opportunity to write the content of this book. This book is based on my actual experiences of living in America; I tell it like it is and I tell it like I see it; thus I have created an avenue to voice my opinion and at the same time relieved some of the burdens on my mind.

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